Testimonials from ‘Mindings’ users

User response to Mindings has been hugely positive.  Here are some genuine and unsolicited quotes from Mindings users:


Mum’s dementia means that she was only using her iPad with help; we were rather dismayed that it was not being used as much as we’d hoped.
Not any more.
Suddenly, Mindings is displaying captioned photos of her grandchildren from Australia and the UK within seconds of them being taken.
Mum doesn’t need to understand how to use the iPad to be able to enjoy meaningful events, almost in real-time.
The TextOGrams have helped Mum to remember key information without me having to keep reminding her. The repeating messages seem to help her retain simple facts that would otherwise be muddled or lost.
Mum’s iPad is propped up beside her calendar and is already part of the orientation hub of her confused life. The changing screen attracts Mum’s attention and she hovers around it to see what’s coming next.
I know she is reading the messages because she tells me the ‘news’ I have shared when I see her.
From experience so far, I have no doubt that Mindings is going to reduce Mum’s anxiety (and mine) about her living alone with Alzheimer’s.
Susan, UK

Mindings is connecting four generations of our family, with my 99 year old Granny able to watch her 9 month old great-grandson growing up.  It has been fantastic for Granny to see new photos and news every week at the click of a button, something that would not have been possible without Mindings.
Emma and Sebastian in Melbourne; Great Granny in Bradford-on-Avon;  Grandma and Grandpa in Dorney Reach.


Am using Mindings to show daily countdown until Mum’s carer returns.

#Mindings #gamechanger App bringing social media to disconnected

A British invention to change the way families interact?

Looking fwd to trying out Mindings software w Mum next week. She’ll give honest feedback! Exciting as looks great idea.

@WhoseShoes You’ll be impressed. Mum just accepts hers as part of her life.