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Mindings being presented at Bath barcamp

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This Friday I have been asked to present at Bath’s openMIC Mobile Innovation Camp, at an event for which the brief could have been specifically written for Mindings!

At an event entitled “Android and The Internet of Things” the opportunities presented by the availability of sub $100 Android tablets will be discussed. The number of internet connected devices is rocketing and Android devices that are not smartphones or tablets could be a major driver in this growth.

Smart cities, intelligent homes, mHealth application, motoring computing devices all communicating to make the world a better place is the vision, but how could a $100 android device provide useful services in the short term?

Mindings will be one of five examples being presented to the Bath Innovation Centre audience.

The event is sponsored by, among others, The ICT Knowledge Transfer Network, Microsoft and Nokia.

Stu ūüėČ

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“The Next Web” website reviews Mindings

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“The Next Web” website reviews Mindings

I was¬†privileged¬†to present Mindings at the Blue Via/Telefonica event “Power of One” at London’s Battersea Power Station on the 11th of November.

The reaction was terrific, and many attendees and fellow contributors kindly Tweeted about both Mindings and my presentation.

One particularly nice follow-up of the event, though, is the press coverage it has helped generate. The Next Web‘s Paul Sawers wrote a feature about how much he and The Next Web team were impressed by Mindings.

I’m humbled by their flattering review. Read it yourself here.

Stu ūüėČ

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Mindings Clinical Study – first results!

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Mindings Clinical Study – first results!

Today was an extremely exciting day for Mindings! During the summer, five “prototype” Mindings picture frames were used in a clinical study in a major London hospital to see if Mindings could help people during their recovery from major brain injuries (stroke, road traffic accident etc). Patients often remain in hospital for up to six months – you can imagine how difficult that is for them, and their families. So, we tested to see if Mindings could improve the patient’s memory, and/or improve their well-being.

Today, the researcher and myself presented preliminary findings at a research conference at the hospital. The results – well, we’ll be writing more about it soon, but the main conclusion is that not only did patient well-being dramatically improve, but so did their family’s, who felt they were really helping with their loved-one’s recovery.

So, really exciting stuff, which we’ll elaborate on more when the research is published very soon!

The Mindings Team

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Mindings presented at “Power of One” event

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Mindings presented at “Power of One” event

Today Mindings was presented to its biggest audience yet – and boy what an audience!

I won a business competition to have a twenty-minute presenting slot at the Blue Via/TelefonicaPower of One” event at London’s iconic Battersea Power Station.

The event was a day for developers and entrepreneurs to get together and celebrate how much the individual can achieve in today’s tech industry.

The day featured keynote presentations from Silicon Valley and Silicon Roundabout luminaries, including Jason Calacanis, Morten Lund, Sam Ramji, Richard Kramer, David McCandless, Shaa Wasmund, Elizabeth Varley and Charles Arthur – in front of an audience of three hundred developers and entrepreneurs.

One single presenting slot was left open to “the best new tech start-up or start up idea we can find” and a competition was run – which Mindings won!

Nervous? What was there to be nervous about? Imagine appearing on Dragon’s Den. Live. With a studio audience. What’s there to absolutely terrified about?!

Among others, I followed a power-house opening keynote by American dot-com entrepreneur and blogger David Calacanis and a crowd-pleasing presentation by Information is Beautiful writer and designer David McCandless. Immediately preceding me was App-writer extraordinaire and creator of the viral sensation “PahYosi Taguri, which had people rolling in the aisles. How to follow these amazing speakers with my small and personal story about how I dealt with my mother being diagnosed with cancer?

Well, it turns out that a small and personal story can actually affect an audience as much as a barn-storming presentation.

I had a bright spotlight in my eyes, and the room was much bigger than I’d previously been used to. Making eye contact to gauge audience reaction was tricky, but it wasn’t long into the presentations that I could see people smiling and heads nodding, I could hear laughter at the right moments, and I could feel the audience warming to my story. I was winning the audience over.

A very warm round of applause followed, then Europe’s number one technology analyst, ex Goldman Sachs Director Richard Kramer took the stage and immediately proclaimed Mindings as “inspiring” and “something that would appeal to me“, then name-checked me a further four times throughout his presentation!

A break followed and I was, frankly, mobbed. I seemed to have created quite a stir and had pats on the back, business cards thrust into my hands, offers of help, and even a man in tears – my presentation had so rung true to his personal situation (this happens to me often, actually).

Then, a while I noticed that there was a buzz on Twitter about Mindings. Several people were Tweeting lines from my presentation, and others were declaring to the Twittersphere how much they liked the concept – and people we’re re-Tweeting (so much so that our website eventually crashed!).












So, all-in-all, it was an amazing experience. Many new friends made, more people championing Mindings, the promise of press coverage and other speaking engagements.

One great day, and in my case, a great demonstration of The Power of One.

Stu ūüėČ

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Mindings in final of start-up contest

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Mindings in final of start-up contest

Business Weekly gave Mindings a plug today.

Mindings has made it through to the final of the “Cambridge Wireless‚Äô Discovering Startups” competition on December 8th.

In January 2010, Cambridge Wireless’ Business Special Interest Group brought together the business managers of 60 wireless-related, high-tech companies, venture capitalists and service delivery companies in the East of England. The purpose was to explore how companies in the technology sectors might develop new business models for the future. Their experiences and recommendations have been channelled into the Discovering Start-Ups programme.

An innovation hothouse, an international business dating event, a competition with a nice glass trophy and a cash prize of ¬£2,000 and a range of support from leading companies, such as Microlease, Neondrum and S-Tech Insurance. “Discovering Start-Ups 2011” is a not-to-be-missed opportunity.

Targeted towards start-ups and early stage companies, the programme is open to technology companies in the East of England and Cambridge Wireless members nationally.

So, on December 8th at 1255, send some positive vibes my way!

Stu ūüėČ

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